Companey Projects

Zabirah Project (Cu, Au, Ag)

The Al Zabirah copper, gold, silver and Chroium, nickel Pt. group target is located in the south west Al Rahedah that hosted in Precambrian rocks Amphibole gneiss-Quarts biotite gneiss - Quarts graphite Sulfides gneiss - body of Massive Coarse grained gabbro rocks - The gabbro rocks are surrounded by the oldest rocks gneiss, interlayered Northeast Trending Amphibolite, Metagabbro, and granite rocks. Overlain unconformity sedimentary rocks Amran limestone group and Tawilla sandstone group in the north west target.

Chemical results of rock samples

Rock samples analyzed in ALS Group lab. in Canada the must of anomaly form( Malachite hematite limonite gossans) and system Quartz veins it’s have two direction for strike (330NW,250SWand 60NE to 110SE) the width of quartz vein (0.10 m-1m) in shear zone this quartz vein it’s filling by chalcopyrite, chalcocite, malachite and iron oxide , Muscovite aplite dyke

The copper maximum from 1% to 2.74% , copper minimums 3000g/t to 9500g/t , the gold maximum from 0.200g/t to 0.700 g/t , gold minimums 0.005g/t to 0.1g/t, the silver maximum from 5g/t to 17g/t , silver minimums 0. 5g/t to 4 g/t and other minerals Zn from 30ppm to 310ppm ,Pb from 30 ppm to 290ppm, W from 50ppm to 250ppm.Cr (1300ppm-1855ppm) and Ni(100ppm-663ppm )